StartDock is a community-driven coworking space. They are housed in historic buildings at central locations in the Netherlands and offer workplaces, meeting rooms and an inspiring environment to help start-ups and scale-ups grow, share and prosper.

At BASE, we were approached by StartDock, a community-driven coworking space, to help improve their marketing strategy. Rather than jumping straight into fixing their pay-per-click advertising, we first conducted a discovery workshop to fully understand the challenges StartDock was facing and determine the best course of action. Through this workshop, we uncovered that the problems with StartDock's marketing went beyond just their PPC advertising.

To help StartDock achieve their goals, we developed a comprehensive strategy that included improving their customer journey and addressing other elements of their marketing, such as social media, SEO, website improvements, and content creation. As a result of our efforts, StartDock has seen an improvement in their marketing performance and is on track to reach their desired business objectives.

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